What's the deal with cleansing?

When it comes to cleaning your facial skin—it can be easy to overdo it or not do it enough. For most, two times a day is sufficient- morning and night- with the exception of athletes, perhaps, who do a midday work out. 

The importance of using a cleanser in the morning surprises many people. They argue that their skin is getting wet from the shower. Let us explain why it's important to not only cleanse your skin in the morning, but that is also the best time to exfoliate.

Our body is miraculous in its ability to cleanse itself when given the proper nutrition and hydration - and rest!  It does this cleansing through the skin which is, indeed, an elimination organ; it purges waste and unneeded oils, etc. while we sleep at night.

So we recommend using our Gentle Cleanser most mornings and switching to RHEAL's AHA exfoliating cleanser a couple mornings each week - depending on your skin's condition.  Your skin care professional can help you decide.

Cleansing at night?  Yes, please take off your makeup and/or refresh your skin so it may breathe and eliminate...the stuff...that may otherwise...clog our pores...

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March's Feature Product: RHEAL Clearing Mask

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RHEAL's Clearing Mask is a great supplement to our acne care regimen. Use it as either a spot treatment on individual blemishes or all over the affected area.

This wonderfully effective product touts active ingredients like bentonite clay to draw out impurities while increasing blood and oxygen flow = healthy tissue growth! Salicylic Acid helps by encouraging normal exfoliation and hyaluronic helps the skin retain it's own moisture. PLUS several other ingredients like chamomile extract and camphor to help soothe inflammation.

Please keep in mind that RHEAL licensed skin care professionals are here to help you determine safe, effective products to heal your acne symptoms. Our Essential European and Teen Facials are a great way to get started on a new regimen.