Green With Envy Salon Acquires RHEAL Day Spa

Green with Envy owner Marlene Cohn said in a Sept. 10 news release that Green with Envy Salon has acquired Rheal Day Spa, in Rockland. RHEAL Day Spa has been owned and operated by Rhonda Nordstrom since 2002.

Nordstrom will continue to see clients at Green with Envy, and all of the current staff at Rheal have been invited to remain under new ownership, as well.

In addition to the services and products already offered at Rheal, Green with Envy will be adding services and incorporating Aveda products, making its new Rockland location, at 453 Main Street, a full-service salon and spa, offering hair, nails and other beauty services. The current Rockland location of Green with Envy is at 75 Maverick Street and it will be moving to its new locale in October. 

Green with Envy Salon intends to be open at its new Rockland location seven days a week, like its other four locations. That means the company will be adding stylists.

Green with Envy Salon has placed in the Top 200 Salons by Salon Today Magazine, two years in a row, as well was a 2017 semi-finalist for Maine Family-Owned Business of the Year, by the Institute for Family-Owned Businesses.

To reach the new Green with Envy Salon, call 594-4247 or 594-5077 or visit us at

The company also has salons in Camden, Belfast, Portland and Augusta.

Green with Envy Owner, Marlene Cohn

Green with Envy Owner, Marlene Cohn

Feed Your Skin

Our spa treatment menu describes an Essential Facial and Essential Body Massage. We developed the first version of that menu knowing essential meant important, as in it's important to have a cleansing, nutrient-filled facial and it's important for your body's health to get massaged. So, it's essential.

Nicknamed "chicken skin," the symptoms of keratosis pilaris can be soothed by skincare treatments. However, only diet can heal it.

Nicknamed "chicken skin," the symptoms of keratosis pilaris can be soothed by skincare treatments. However, only diet can heal it.

This morning, while researching how diet effects inflammation in the body, I was reminded that consuming omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is essential to our body's health. These oils do not naturally occur in our body so we have to supplement through diet.  

And, it's important to note the absence of Omega 3 oils, found in cold water fish and some nuts and seeds, can create skin issues like keratosis pilaris, pictured in the photo here. We see this condition in our treatment rooms frequently and advise our clients to talk with their wellness practitioner about how diet may heal it.

Nail it!

If I told you I had news about a spa treatment that is good for your skin, your circulation and mental health you may never guess that I'm talking about manicures and pedicures. But I am. Hear me out...

The dirty fact is your fingernails are exposed to grime daily and it accumulates even though you wash many times a day. And, while you generally only expose your feet in the spring an summer, walking on them all day creates callouses and other uneven skin conditions. And keeping them covered up in socks and dark shoes is a breeding ground for fungus.

Professional manis and pedis groom your nails and are relaxing stress relievers. They include massage which improves blood circulation — which, by the way, improves your immune system while feeling incredible. During these treatments your skin is exfoliated bringing out a fresh beautiful glow and decreased signs of aging, wrinkles.

Then, when all this good work is done, go ahead and have a gorgeous, or fun, or funky polish color applied — or not. Nail polish is to a manicure or pedicure what makeup is to a cleansing facial. Neither is necessary, however it can be fun.

Bottom line, manicures and pedicures are important all year.

Learn about our newest treatment: HydraFacial MD

Try HydraFacial MD for Clearer, Brighter, Healthier, Firmer Skin!

We are so excited to announce the addition of HydraFacial MD to our menu of skin care for RESULTS.  HydraFacial is a non-invasive, multi-step treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydradermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching!) and a special delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides.  It does all this in one quick treatment that delivers real results without downtime or irritation.