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We recommend massage therapy as an integral part of a wellness regimen. It improves flexibility and blood circulation, which in turn improves your immune system. Your therapist will recommend a program for you.

From the moment you walk in the door your shoulders drop an inch. The atmosphere and staff make you relaxed even before your first treatment begins. RHEAL is my go-to spa in the midcoast Maine area whether for a massage, eye brow waxing, or manicure.

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RHEAL has it's very own skincare line which is available for purchase both online and in our retail store. RHEAL also carries lines such as Dr. Hauschka and Bare Minerals which can be purchased in our store or by giving us a call. Shop RHEAL Now

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Essential Rituals for the Body

Essential Massage Therapy *
30 minutes   $50 | 60 minutes   $85 | 90 minutes $125

Our expert therapists perform a Swedish-based touch with deep pressure as required or requested.

* commercial fishermen receive 10% off

Prenatal Massage Therapy
30 minutes   $50 | 60 minutes   $85 | 90 minutes $125

Seated Massage  15 minutes  $20

Reflexology                                                                         60 minutes   $85 | 90 minutes   $125                              There are 7200 nerve endings in your feet that correspond with all the organs, glands, and body systems.  Reflexology applies pressure to these nerve endings and the results are stress reduction, improved sleep, decreased menopause symptoms, decreases in general and specific pain, decreases in migraines and headaches.  And, it just feels good.  A retreat for your body and soul.

Aromatherapy Massage  $100
Feeling stressed, having trouble sleeping, etc.? 
Our therapists will inquire about your needs and custom- blend an aromatic oil for your treatment.

Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage    
60 minutes   $115 |  90 minutes   $170
This treatment improves circulation, digestion, and supports a healthy respiratory system. The warmth of the stones helps in achieving a greater sense of relaxation, while lightly exfoliating the skin.  Soothing, relaxing, lovely.

Couples' Massage  $82 per person | based on 60 min Essential Massage.  Have spa time together.

Scalp & Hair Therapy  $30
Warmed coconut and neem oils are applied to the hair and scalp followed by a head, neck, and scalp massage. Treatment includes a shower however, you may opt to wash your hair the following day to allow the oils to further penetrate the hair. Excellent add-on to any treatment. Your hair will be hydrated and full of shine.

Body Wraps  $160
Emerge cleansed, soft and smooth, after your body is exfoliated, masked with omega oils and then cocooned to a detoxifying level.  This beautiful treatments ends with a layer of moisturizer. 

Essential Back Treatment  $125
Our deep cleansing facial for the back. Relax while your back is steamed, exfoliated and lightly massaged. Extractions if needed.